Teaching Through Travel

In this show I will dive deeper into the 3-key reasons to travel with children and grandchildren.  You will hear about my first experience traveling to Europe in 1985 with 3 teenagers and my method for getting and keeping them engaged.  You will hear from my son, Ryan Williams and my daughter, Kristine Antoon about their experience of 35 years ago and their advice now to other parents.

Story Notes:

  • Three key reasons to travel with children/grandchildren
    • Travel is always an education
    • Travel teaches independence and confidence
    • Traveling with kids is just dang fun and they are great help-mates
  • Talk with Ryan Williams, now father of 2 teenage boys 
    • His memories and experiences in 1985
    • His thoughts on the value of travel to his children
    • Why he has taken his children out of school to visit other countries
  • Talk with Kristine Antoon, now mother of 4 children (17-24)
    • Her memories of the 1985 trip and the highs and lows
    • Her advice and similar but different reasons to incorporate travel into her families lives

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