Tech Enabled Wholesaler Sundae Helps Homeowners Get a Fair Price with Miles Deamer

Adam Torres and Miles Deamer discuss how bringing tech to wholesaling is a winning formula for homeowners.

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Show Notes:

  • Tech enabled wholesaler
  • Efficient marketing
  • Fix and flip fund

The wholesale real estate market has often been viewed as “the wild west” in real estate. Homeowners could receive vastly different pricing depending on who they worked with. But what if another type of wholesaling company existed? In this episode, Adam Torres and Miles Deamer, Director of Capital Markets and Strategy at Sundae, explore how Sundae aims to change the wholesale real estate market.

About Sundae

Sundae’s mission is to help homeowners get the best outcome when it’s time to sell a house that needs some love. 

For far too long, homeowners without the time or resources needed to get a house market-ready have been taken advantage of when it comes time to sell if the house needs some love. We think this isn’t fair and we started Sundae to change this.

Sundae offers an alternative to the unpredictability of the traditional real-estate agent sales process. With Sundae you sell as-is, on your timeline. That means you do no clean up, repairs, showings, or any work at all. 

Sundae was founded by seasoned finance and operations executives who helped build industry-leading technology and marketplace businesses. Together our founding team brings 35+ years of experience in real estate investment.

But we’re more than a real estate company. We’re a marketplace looking to bring more value, confidence and convenience to sellers, when they need it most.

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