Tehron Jaqui Bush Discusses His Clothing Brand and Forthcoming Book

Tehron Jaqui Bush, Author of Drawn to Leadership and Owner of Stizo Collection, was interviewed by host Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Innovation Podcast.

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In this recent interview with Adam Torres, Tehron Jaqui Bush talks about his book, Drawn to Leadership, and Stizo Collection, his clothing brand.

What mission matters to you?

Bush says he believes that when a community joins together and works hard, it can empower everyone. As for his clothing company’s mission: “We recognize and we trust our fabrics, labels and fabric brand with you, whom collectively understands love, provision, and optimacy are successive and Godly,” he says.

How did you start your journey as an entrepreneur and writer?

Buss had a strong and respected point of view, which added to group conversations and group work,” he recalls. “It made me feel like someone could appreciate a shared message contributed by me.”

He says his first book, From My Mind, From My Voice, was a challenge for him, but that it also allowed him to shed light on contemporary topics and share philosophies from a Christian point of view. For his second book, he says he wanted to focus on a topic that’s relevant today, hence the subject of leadership. “Leadership is like a craft in my life,” he says. “Everyone can adopt leadership skills.” 

As for entrepreneurship, Bush says he was influenced by fashion at a young age and used to brainstorm about it with his best friend in high school, which led to the creation of his clothing brand, Stizo Collection. h says he knew he wanted to be a writer in 12th grade, when his English Honors teacher sowed the seeds of the basics of writing. “As an African-American Christian, I alway

What inspired you to write a new book?

“I was always drawn to leadership,” Bush says. “I had all the tools in my toolbox since the time I was pursuing my education.” As he puts it, Drawn to Leadership traces his development from a place of passive leadership to one of formal leadership.

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What is your writing process like?

Bush says he considers writing to be a gift from God; when he writes, he wants to feel that connection. While drafting a manuscript, he notes that he likes to walk away from it from time to time, to gain perspective to channel back into his written work.

Another crucial element in writing, he says, is to be clear about the message you wish to communicate. “Once you are clear about it, the story fills itself, and everything comes together like a puzzle,” he advises. As for his own growth as a writer between his first and second book, he says of his latest effort, “I am now able to organize and focus on my ideas a little better.”

What can readers expect from your book, Drawn to Leadership?

Drawn to Leadership explores how good and strong leaders can be resourceful to the community. He stresses the value of incorporating honesty, fairness, and responsibility into any leadership style. He says that marketing anything should do good, not just look good, and stresses the importance of being responsible and thoughtful about how an organization can truly help the community. 

Tell us more about Stizo Collection.

Stizo Collection, a Christian clothing brand founded in 2008, is dedicated to selling organic products in the Christian clothing industry. “We set ourselves apart because we offer commemorative and symbolic products that reinforce our branding, to make Stizo a collection of American luxury,” Bush explains. 

Social responsibility is a key ingredient of his formula, he says, mentioning that a part customers can choose up to four donor levels, supplementing the purchase of merchandise with a gift to the National Association for Gifted Children’s annual fund. 

What’s next for you?

Bush says he’s busy ramping up online marketing for his upcoming book, Drawn to Leadership, and as for Stizo Collection, he says the team is looking to increase organizational equity as it grows. 

To learn more, visit Stizo Collection online.