The Advantage of Partnerships in Building a Business with Grant M. Barra, LUTCF, CLF®

Adam Torres and Grant Barra discuss creating partnerships.

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Show Notes:

There are many different ways to build a thriving business. Have you considered creating solid partnerships? In this episode, Adam Torres and Grant M. Barra, LUTCF, CLF®, Managing Partner and CEO at Barra & Associates LLC., explore what it takes to build long lasting mutually beneficial partnerships.

About Grant Barra

Grant Barra successfully buildings companies by implementing strategies necessary to aggressively grow revenue and bottom line profitability. He is an expert at creating/capitalizing on networks, liaisons and business connections, while negotiating/managing strategic partnerships with companies and vendors. He excels in developing core business operations to significantly increase the company’s footprint, expand market share, and generate sustainable revenue. A team builder with a strong budget, P&L and leadership skills.

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