The Aging Parent Dilemma – Melissa Chambers

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Uh-oh. Your life is already consumed with your job, your family, your hobbies… and now you just got a call that your mother is ill. In fact, it’s a diagnosis you didn’t see coming, nor are you prepared for – dementia.

What’s your next step?
How do you handle news like this?
Who will help you?

That’s the topic of this episode. Listen as my guest, Melissa Chambers, shares valuable insight from her personal and vast experience.

Melissa Chambers brings more than 25 years of healthcare experience to her clients, having led operations and sales in the long-term care sector.

She holds certifications as a Personal Care Home Administrator in PA as well as a Certified Dementia Practitioner, a Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer, and a Virtual Dementia Tour Certified Trainer.

As the Founder and Chief-Consultant for her company, she is a dynamic speaker and is committed to and passionate about being a resource to her community and providing excellent customer service and care to all she serves.

Additionally, she has been an Alzheimer’s Association Support Group Facilitator for over 12 years, a Community Educator for the Alzheimer’s Association, a Master Trainer in the Habilitation Approach to Dementia Care using the “Caring For People with Alzheimer’s Disease” curriculum through the Alzheimer’s Association, a Dementia Friend and a Dementia Friends Champion through Dementia Friends Ohio & Pennsylvania.

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