The “ALL IN” Approach to Business and Life

Adam Torres and Vincent Forese discuss Vincent’s new book.

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Show Notes: 

New book alert! In this episode, Adam Torres interviewed Vincent Forese, President of Link-Systems International. Explore Vincent’s new book, Mission Matters Business Leaders Edition Vol. 7, Edition 9.

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About Vincent Forese

Vincent is an Ed Tech executive with a long term vision and an immediate term operations skill set. With 20+ years experience in organizational behavior, finance, information systems, sales/marketing, and product development. Deeply vested in educational products and services that can change people’s lives.

About Link-Systems International

LSI is a market-leading educational technology company whose student-centered suite of interoperable products and services is currently producing measurably better learning outcomes and increased retention rates in hundreds of K-12 schools, higher-ed institutions, and academic support organizations throughout the world.

Founded in 1995 and based in Tampa, Florida, LSI has long been at the forefront of innovative online instructional resource development. We were the first educational technology company to offer a high-quality, one-on-one online tutoring service that covers virtually every subject area and can be accessed on an anytime/anywhere basis. We were the first to integrate into our online tutoring process a proprietary, state-of-the-art whiteboard specifically designed for online learning environments. And no other educational technology company has gone to greater lengths than LSI to ensure that its web-based applications can be easily integrated with one another and can operate compatible with virtually every Learning Management System.