The Amazon Effect: How Ecommerce has Disrupted Your Business

Adam Torres and Rick West discuss “The Amazon Effect.”

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Show Notes: 

New book alert! In this episode, Adam Torres interviewed Rick West, CEO & Co-Founder of Field Agent. Explore Rick’s new book, Mission Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success (Business Leaders Vol. 7, Edition 10).

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About Rick West

Rick West is the husband of one, father of 3, Grandaddy of two and a friend to many. He is an experienced CEO and co-founder of multiple start-ups with emphasis in technology, innovation and CPG. As a leader in the Retail Industry for seventeen years in the United States, Hong Kong and Thailand he has been an Entrepreneur for over sixteen years in the U.S. and currently serves as a speaker and mentor within the business community and research industry. Life Quote: “Don’t live in the world of maybe, let your yes be yes and your no be no”

About Field Agent

Field Agent has reimagined B2B retail solutions to help CPG and retail professionals solve common challenges at-retail. Our on-demand marketplace contains a full-suite of fast, simple, cost-effective tools to help companies evaluate in-store conditions, drive sales, understand shoppers, generate ratings and reviews, and more.