Peggy Fuller: The Art of Interior Design

Peggy Fuller & Adam Torres discuss interior design.

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Show Notes:

Peggy Fuller, Principal Interior Designer, Owner and Founder at By Design Interiors, Inc

Interior design is at the core of creating livable spaces. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Peggy Fuller, Principal Interior Designer, Owner and Founder at By Design Interiors, Inc., explore interior design in Texas.

About Peggy Fuller

She is a designer who has been practicing interior design since 1984. She has dedicated her career to making By Design Interiors, Inc. a premier full-service design firm within the Houston area. She enjoys the ability to work successfully with homeowners, architects, home designers, and builders alike to create uniquely beautiful spaces.

About By Design Interiors, Inc

By Design Interiors is one of Houston’s most sought-after design firms. Founded in 1990, BDI has grown to a staff of 12 including 5 senior designers and fabulous support staff. Their senior designers are experts in creating stunning, personalized, and functional interiors. Partner with builders, contractors, and architects on new builds, custom homes, and renovations. They guide you through the entire selections and interior design process: including tiles, paint, fabrics, and home furnishings. 

With a ‘client-centered’ approach to design, By Design Interiors can take on all the possibilities of your home. Servicing clients throughout Houston and surrounding areas, in addition to their new expansion in 2020 to the Austin, San Antonio and San Marcos areas. Now more than ever, BDI can help discover a home that is perfectly tailored to you. 

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