The B.A.B.E.S.’ Guide to Generational Wealth, a Fresh Take on Money with Author M. Reese Everson, Esq.

Adam Torres and M. Reese Everson, Esq discuss her recent book release and the impact it’s having.

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Show Notes:

  • Generational wealth transfer
  • Money conversations with family
  • Inheritance best practices

When someone passes it’s not usually an easy thing to deal with. Lots of decisions have to be made. But what happens when proper estate planning preparations aren’t made? In this episode, Adam Torres and M. Reese Everson, Esq., Founder at Babes In The Workplace and Author of The B.A.B.E.S.’ Guide to Generational Wealth, discuss why estate planning is so crucial and what can happen when it’s not done properly.

About M. Reese Everson, Esq.

M. Reese Everson is an author, attorney and women’s rights advocate. M. Reese Everson is a social entrepreneur who created B.A.B.E.S in the Workplace and authored “The B.A.B.E.S. Guide to Generational Wealth” to help millennial women address the question of how to build wealth in the face of numerous setbacks and financial pitfalls. She also authored “The BABES Guide: You Don’t Have to Compromise”, as an answer to the question, “how do we prepare our Beautiful, Ambitious, Brilliant, Excellent women striving for Success for the challenges they face in the workplace while keeping their dignity, morals, and values in tact.”

She is an alumna of Michigan State University, with a B.A. in International Relations and DePaul University College of Law, with a J.D. and Certificate in International and Comparative Law. Ms. Everson has studied law in Madrid, Spain and Beijing, China and has a passion for financial literacy and food security. As a Hill Staffer she has worked on all facets of Judiciary issues, including voter rights and immigration and on financial services issues involving Capital Markets and Government Sponsored Enterprises and the Dodd-Frank Act.

About BITW Foundation

Our mission is working to empower “B.A.B.E.S.” (Beautiful, Ambitious, Brilliant, Entrepreneurs) with the skills needed navigate the workforce with integrity, and to support and empower B.A.B.E.s who have been sidetracked and derailed in their careers due to sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

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