The Binge Factor Podcast with Tracy Hazzard

Adam Torres and Tracy Hazzard discuss The Binge Factor Podcast.

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Show Notes:

New podcast alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Tracy Hazzard, Host of The Binge Factor Podcast and CEO of Podetize, explore The Binge Factor Podcast and why audiences everywhere are tuning in!

About Tracy Hazzard

Tracy Hazzard is a prolific podcaster host/co-host of five different shows with over 1500 episodes and interviews. As the CEO of Brandcasters, Inc. (Podetize.com), she makes it a practice for all of the executive team (herself included) to start a new podcast every year. That way the leadership of the organization intimately understands what it is like to podcast today and helps inform the value and development of products and services.

In 2020, she started The Binge Factor – as a spin-off from a recurring segment of the Feed Your Brand (launched in 2018) that became popular. This podcast is in high demand with interviews scheduled six months in advance. In 2019, she started The New Trust Economy podcast about blockchain and cryptocurrency with co-host Monika Proffitt and within one month was featured on Larry King Now as an industry expert. In 2018, within a couple of months of launching, Feed Your Brand ranked as #22 on CIO’s list of Top Entrepreneur Podcasts (just one behind podcast industry veteran, Pat Flynn).

The story of Tracy’s first podcast, WTFFF?! 3D Printing is the genesis of the podcasting production business and patent pending software-as-a-service, Podetize.com. With over 600 episodes and a recent collaborative sponsorship with Hewlett Packard (HP), the proof of the long-term residual value of a podcast remains in much more than the number of Apple podcast subscribers. Value is in on-line and industry authority and influence growth, episode after episode. She can trace each and every press article [link to the Press page], interview, [link to the Interviews page] speaking engagement, [link to Topics & Events page] and her Inc. Magazine column from someone who heard her on a podcast or met her during an interview for one of her podcasts. 

About Podetize

Reinventing brand marketing with an obsessive podcaster-centric focus on solutions to get hosts seen, heard, found, and rewarded in a noisy digital world.

Get off the marketing roller coaster and onto the automated fast track to broadcast your original voice to the world. Imagine easily multicasting messages, saving time with 3x output, optimizing your results to convert followers into Real Fans & Clients. Join Inc. Columnist, Tracy Hazzard, & Podcast Producer, Tom Hazzard, as they share easy Content Building Formulas & Smart Cut Secrets proven to fuel hundreds of blogs, podcasts and brands with binge-able original content. Consistently and constantly fill your online presence for accelerated Authority Brand Building, Revenue Generation, & Brand Identity. Be original. Be heard. Promote with power and purpose. FEED YOUR BRAND!

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