The Comedy of Sonya White

In this episode of the PIX Podcast, Jill Lyons talks to Sonya White. Sonya talks about her upcoming show at The PIX, old sitcoms and clean comedy. Sonya’s comedy is peppered with spot-on impersonations and sound effects. Her stand up comedy show and her one woman show ‘Airing Dirty Laundry’ are based on real life experiences, interactions with friends & family, and hilarious reflections of the world at large. In addition to those mentioned previously, her TV credits also include a ‘Spring Break’ promo (MTV), late night’s ‘Night Shift’ (Fox), a very colorful character on ‘The Jerry Springer Show’, an appearance on ‘Big Brother Jake” (Family Channel), and voice-work for ’Pick Your Shorts’ (Cartoon

Story Notes:

  • The Yellowstone Show
  • Sonya White Comedy
  • When did you started to Mimic People
  • Sitcoms and Clean Comedy
  • Member of Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA
  • Traveling All the Time
  • Performing at the PIX Theater on March 19 2022
  • Sonya White Work Experiences

Learn more at: https://www.centerfortheartslapeer.org/