The DISC Assessment with Steve Ciprani

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What is the DISC Assessment? What does it tell us about ourselves and others? How can we use it to be more effective leaders? Ken takes a deep dive with DISC expert Steve Ciprani.

Take the DISC assessment for free (upgrade for $30 for in-depth results): https://www.truity.com/test/disc-personality-test.

Steve Ciprani is the owner of Ciprani Consulting, a hiring, and training company that places 400-500 hires per year in small businesses all over the U.S. and Canada.

A former educator, Steve has a passion for teaching, coaching, and consulting; to help business owners achieve their mission and vision through hiring leverage, developing effective business strategies, and optimizing their systems, procedures, and processes. Steve is dedicated to the employer/employee relationship to make both parties more receptive and engaged so that the business can be more efficient and profitable as a whole.

Ciprani Consulting and Steve’s vision is to reCREATE 10,000 small businesses by the year 2030; to challenge the norm of outdated hiring practices, and heal broken workplace relationships so that employers and their staff can reach their full potential. When not at work, Steve is an avid reader, investor, and devoted father to his two daughters.

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