The Entrepreneur Journey with Jared Valdez

Adam Torres and Jared Valdez discuss entrepreneurial journey.

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Show Notes:

The journey of being an entrepreneur has its challenges along the way. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jared Valdez, Admin & Database Manager at Kitcaster, explore the entrepreneurial journey and some of the lessons Jared has learned.

About Jared Valdez

The journey we are all on is similar in nature, yet unique in their omnipotent design. At 9 years old, he started programming, developing, marketing, and branding games for all ages to play. In the process of strategic marketing campaigns, he amassed 162,400,000 MILLION impressions to various game creations, content and with MILLIONS of virtual items sold for virtual revenue. He seized an opportunity to create a social networking website at 13 years old for users to connect with developers and friends called Faceblox.

The site made money by monetizing it with ads while using Google Adsense to generate revenue to operate, surprisingly the site reached 1,000+ monthly active users – Faceblox.com ~ A place where all robloxians can be free! He started a small business out of his house at 19 by refurbishing broken iPhones with the ROI being well over 7k in profit. During the election seasons, he worked on advancing progressive ideas around the Denver area while staying involved in the political process from the bottom up.

“We the people.” – Preamble to the United States Constitution 

About Kitcaster

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