The Evolution of Mission Matters Media with Adam Torres

Adam Torres is interviewed by Christopher Marston on “CEO’s GET REAL.”

Though I interview guests daily, rarely do I accept invitations to be interviewed. I guess I’m a little shy on that end of things. Asking the questions as an interviewer comes quite naturally, answering them as a guest is another story. When Chris approached me about being on his show I accepted the offer. Let’s say he “made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.” 

What was the offer? First, he had already been on my show (listen to Chris’ full interview here), so it would have been rude to say, no. Second, I’d already seen his work and was a fan. The mission behind what he is doing at Exemplar combined with the content he is putting out on his show, made the interview an obvious fit. He’s also a great host, so that makes it easy for his guests. In this case, me. Ha! 

This in-depth first time interview covers topics I’ve rarely spoken about publicly. Things like my upbringing in Detroit, how I started in social media with probably the worst YouTube channel in history, the evolution of Mission Matters and we even get political (which I never do when being recorded).   

Chris and I had a great time collaborating on this video while enjoying wine from his extensive collection. Maybe that is what got me to loosen up. Ha! I hope that you enjoy watching what we made for you. 


Watch the full interview below:

About Exemplar Companies

Exemplar Companies, PBC is an integrated tax, law, capital and strategy professional services firm. With only value based pricing and no hourly billing, our focus is providing relationship as a service. We holistically represent business from emerging enterprise through middle market. Our customers include the best and brightest companies and business leaders of the day who are poised to revolutionize industries and create the sector leaders of tomorrow. Exemplar’s dedication to practice innovation and close collaboration with our customers offers a powerful competitive advantage and a valuable partnership. Now, innovative, market-leading companies have a novel, market-leading professional services firm that understands what it means to be on the cutting edge.

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