The Evolution of Networking with DeAnne Connolly Graham

Adam Torres and DeAnne Connolly Graham discuss networking.

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Show Notes:

Networking is an important part of growing and sustaining a successful business. But how many of us know how to do it effectively in this changing landscape? In this episode,  Adam Torres and DeAnne Connolly Graham, Founder and President at ROI Media Consultants, explore the evolution of networking.

About ROI Media Consultants, Inc.

ROI Media Consultants, Inc. was created to guide businesses throughout South Florida in marketing, advertising and business development. With a focus on the latest trends in digital marketing (including Virtual Reality) and mobile advertising, we work to give each client a positive Return On Investment. Specializing in the tourism, hospitality and event industry, we provide advertising opportunities with top quality media partners, as well as recommending other beneficial strategies depending on the needs of our clients. DeAnne is a public speaker and a master networker with her primary focus in the hospitality industry

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