The Forward Project Launches with Billy Goldberg

Adam Torres and Billy Goldberg discuss The Forward Project.

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Show Notes:

The Forward Project launches with the aim of helping companies align their missions with their outcomes. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Billy Goldberg, Founder and President at The Buckeye Group and Co-Founder at The Forward Project, explore Billy’s plans for The Forward Project and how he and his partner are helping businesses succeed.

About The Buckeye Group

A catalyst for helping brands and organizations realize potential and maximize revenue through meaningful partnerships.

The Buckeye Group is a business development agency that works with companies to increase revenue through strategic partnerships. We specialize in uncovering the areas where expansion would be game-changing, but where current bandwidth limits exploration or execution. Looking beyond the obvious, we customize an approach that identifies the audience, enhances exposure and structures opportunities that result in revenue.

Whether growing into new channels, taking back market share, or unlocking a piece of business that remains elusive, we work with leadership to set the strategy and connect the dots between product and partnership, brand and channel. As a seamless extension of the C Suite, we drive people, products and missions toward the right relationships and vehicles. 

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