The Fractional CFO is Good Business with Vinnie Fisher

Adam Torres and Vinnie Fisher discuss the fractional CFO’s role in business.

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Show Notes:

  • Fractional CFO
  • Accounting
  • Ecommerce 

Hiring a CFO can be an expensive proposition. But what if a business could get the benefit of CFO services for a fraction of the cost? In this episode, Adam Torres and Vinnie Fisher, CEO and Co-Founder of Fully Accountable, explore the fractional CFO model and how businesses are benefiting from the model.

About Vinnie Fisher

I am an entrepreneur, author, husband, and father of 4. I have almost 20 years of experience growing businesses from 7-and 8-figures. After selling our consumer product company in 2014, I decided to fill a huge need for modern accounting to e-commerce and digital companies.

We launched Fully Accountable, a full service cutting edge accounting firm. Today we are a large brand, recognized in eCommerce and the online industry as leading experts in accounting, offering proactive, forward-thinking, done for you, financial expertise to our clients. As such, We Speak Digital and are your secret weapon for doubling your profit margin.

As the CEO, I am very passionate about helping our clients increase profit margin, change old traditional ways of doing things and help accounting professionals be the most valued Trusted Advisor for the client.

Our mission is to double the profit margin of 10,000 companies. We are well on our way. We offer fractional services where we run and operate your entire accounting and finance departments for less than the cost of an entry level person in your company.

I am also a passionate investor and advisor in other companies helping them grow by developing the right mindset; implementing the blueprint to go from 7 to 8 figures and a creating a proper strategy for exit.

About Fully Accountable

Fully Accountable is a modern, outsourced accounting firm for eCommerce and digitally based businesses. We are a full-service firm offering a back-office accounting and finance solution, as well as fractional CFO services, to help business owners manage cash flow and double the profit margin of the digital company.

Stress less. Succeed more. Helping you succeed in the financial health of your business – cash flow, profit margin, and growth – is our main goal. Find peace of mind that you have financial experts on your team and you can focus on growing your company. Work with a team of entrepreneurs and business owners who are not only expert accountants but also have in-depth knowledge of e-commerce and digital businesses. 

Your business is important to us. Unlike traditional accounting firms; we become a part of your team. Let us help you lead the accounting and finance part of your company toward a successful future. We are entrepreneurs who’ve figured out the key to growth is knowing your numbers. Our experience in digital online businesses, and working with a diverse group of small businesses all over the country, has allowed us to understand the financial business challenges you face every day.

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