The Future of AI-Driven Personalized Health with Alan Gale from Aimee Health

Adam Torres and Alan Gale discuss the future of personalized health.

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Show Notes:

Combining AI with personalized health is a strategy that can improve healthcare for many.In this episode,  Adam Torres and Alan Gale, CEO at Aimee Health, explore Aimee Health’s personalized nutrition services based on online assessments and mobile apps.

About Alan Gale

A serial high tech entrepreneur, former VP of Skyroam and co-founder of Deep Blue Communications — leaders and pioneers in WiFi technology. I graduated from UC Berkeley and gained a Master’s degree at MIT. As an entrepreneur, I have launched Aimee Health with the goals of advancing human longevity, optimizing brain health and combating chronic illness through Artificial Intelligence.

He operates with an extended network of high-tech and forward looking professionals, as well as like-minded people focused on health and vitality. An innovator by nature, Alan finds there’s nothing more fulfilling than having an opportunity to implement his passions, and being surrounded by remarkable masterminds. Always grateful to perceive original and practical feedback on my projects.

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