The Future of Experiential Design with Carl Choi

Adam Torres and Carl Choi discuss how experiential design is changing the marketplace.

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Show Notes:

  • Disney magic
  • Experiential Design
  • Brand experiences 

Is your brand creating meaningful experiences? How we share experiences is changing. Vertically integrated brand and story telling is the future. In this episode, Adam Torres and Carl Choi, Founder & CEO at The Great Company, explore the past, present and future of experiential design.

About The Great Company

GreatCo creates narrative-driven interactive installations and immersive experiences for entertainment IP, global brands and cultural institutions that transform the perception of time and reality and connect people in a meaningful way through shareable experiences. We are passionate about building worlds and producing cultural moments for our clients.  We utilize our proprietary 3Cs approach to design and curate authentic voices and experiences to address our clients business objectives and engage their target audiences. 1) CURATE: Curate a diverse, dynamic custom team based on the unique needs of each project. 2) CRAFT: Shape a thorough plan through expansive ideation and collaboration with our clients towards a clear vision. 3) CREATE: Build the experience which delivers core objectives, seamlessly integrates sponsors / partners (if needed), and provides lasting brand impact.

Our key strengths include our expansive and diverse network of award-winning creative talent (100’s of creatives), immersive experiential design (both micro-experiences and larger scale events), event execution / management and cross-platform content production.  We tap into our collaborators, which include established players and emerging designers, writers, directors and musicians to assemble the best team for each campaign, production, or event. We have frequently been tapped to expand the creative reach of a brand or agency in the areas of ideation and talent sourcing.

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