The Future of Global Oceanic Designs with Kenneth W. Welch Jr.

Adam Torres and Kenneth W. Welch Jr. discusses Global Oceanic Designs.

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Show Notes:

Global Oceanic Designs aims to change the way humans view and coexist with the ocean. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Kenneth W. Welch Jr., Founder, Inventor, CEO and President at Global Oceanic Designs, explore the future of Global Oceanic Designs and the potential for humans to live in ocean habitats. 

About Global Oceanic Designs, Inc.

Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. introduces the revolutionary patented Bi-Pyramidal and Tri-Pyramidal Structural hulls. These hulls are building blocks that will transform infrastructure development related to surface, subsurface, and space. By revolutionizing the way, humanity manufactures a wide variety of structures; hulls designed for coping with significant internal or external pressure while providing a new concept on structure longevity.

By creating a structure that is easily scalable, inter-connectable and manufactured with common materials, allows these structures to be utilized in vast forms with many applications. These features provide unrealized solutions for the commercial and residential housing, transportation, energy, pipeline, food production, mining and tourism industries as just a few of the myriad of applications that will be created from these products.

Global’s Sustainable Technologies don’t stop there, they include: 

Non- corrosive Hull Technology, Wave Energy & Desalination Systems, Surface and Subsurface Transportation vehicles, Variable Pressure Pumping Systems for Liquid or Gas, Offshore Platforms (Land on or beneath bodies of Water), Habitats, Hotels and Recreational Equipment. Systems and products designed to offer sustainable living. Offshore systems designed at promoting Global Tourism and Commercial Development On, Above, or Beneath the World’s Waters. 

A new World of Underwater Living, Subsea transportation and Submerged Sustainable Cities… has begun. Global Oceanic Designs’​ building techniques & structures, are designed specifically to enhance these future developments, while preserving and embracing our World’s Natural Environment.

Global’s disruptive offshore sustainable technologies aren’t just aimed at life beneath the Sea! Not at all… Their aimed at Life On, Below and Above the World’s Waters, this includes our Planet’s Oceans, Rivers, Lakes and Reservoirs and more.

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