The Future of the Independent Health Coach

Adam Torres and Reed Davis discuss the independent health coach’s role in healthcare.

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Show Notes:

The role of the independent health coach is at risk. In this episode, Adam Torres interviewed Reed Davis, Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Certification Course. Explore why independent health coaches are vital to providing alternatives within the healthcare system.

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About Reed Davis

FDN Founder, Reed Davis, recognized that most patients with chronic conditions were caught in a frustrating cycle of trial–and-error, desperately searching for answers, but never finding the lasting results they were after. 

He watched as patients went from practitioner to practitioner, only to be told “everything looks normal”, or to be convinced of yet another unsuccessful supplement protocol, fitness program or healing modality. Reed refused to be just another practitioner in this endless cycle. So he committed to being the last person his clients saw on their quest for answers & better health.

Over the next ten years, while working at a wellness center in Southern California, Reed reviewed thousands of functional lab reports for thousands of people. He credits great mentors but also his own careful observations about who was getting better, and who was not.

About Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Certification Course

The FDN Certification course is a self-paced course for wellness professionals providing in-depth training to work with clients on a whole new level. We train practitioners in a specific methodology that they can use in their practices to help clients get to the root cause of their health problems instead of just treating the symptoms.  It becomes a community our trainees become a part of because following the completion of the course we want to continue to provide the tools and resources you need to be out in the community helping others. We feel our FDN Grads are more than just a health coach, they are somewhere in between a high-level health coach and a naturopath – they provide all the support, accountability, guidance, and structure for a client to help uncover the root cause of their issues at hand, but they are using all the testing of a naturopath to help identify the issues.