The Future of Uranium: Market Insights, the Future of Energy, and Geopolitics

Adam Torres and John Cash discuss Ur-Energy.

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Show Notes:

Ur-Energy is a uranium mining company that owns and operates the Lost Creek in-site recovery uranium facility in south-central Wyoming. In this episode, Adam Torres and John Cash, CEO of Ur-Energy, explore the uranium market and plans for Ur-Energy’s expansion. 

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About John Cash

Mr. Cash was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ur-Energy June 2, 2022.  He was named Ur-Energy’s Chief Executive Officer on March 1, 2022 and President of the Company effective June 3, 2022. Mr. Cash joined Ur-Energy in 2007 and was appointed as Vice President Regulatory Affairs in 2011. He has led the permitting and licensing of both the Lost Creek and Shirley Basin uranium mines, while managing the environmental, health and safety (“EHS”) and geology departments and contributing to the development and growth of the Company. During his tenure with Ur-Energy, Mr. Cash has gained a well-deserved reputation for developing impactful solutions for industry related to water management, EPA aquifer exemptions, technical design, and environmental matters. Mr. Cash has nearly 30 years of diverse experience in the uranium industry, from which he has acquired broad-reaching expertise in exploration, EHS including radiation safety, regulatory and legislative affairs, and uranium recovery operations, as well as extensive management experience. He is a respected industry leader and has served as a past president of the Uranium Producers of America.

About U R Energy 

U R Energy started its journey in the solar industry in Australia in 2009 and within 8 years achieved a market leading position servicing 66,500+ residential and commercial customers across the Australian solar market. Inspired by the success in Australia, the company decided to expand globally and most recently began operations in India in 2015 and the United States of America in 2016. The company now procures, develops and installs solar power systems at economic prices for residential, commercial and utility scale customers across the world including Australia, United States of America, India, Dubai, Africa, and United Kingdom.

Quality is at the core of our business whether it be the solar products we source, our installation process or the service we provide to our customers. U R Energy is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accredited company and we source only the highest quality solar power systems from Tier 1, modern manufacturing facilities around the world.

The business was started with a single goal, to help accelerate the growth and adoption of solar power systems across the world not only for its obvious environmental benefits but also for the economic benefits available to our customers. That’s why we offer the highest quality products at the best price available on the market today and as always, backed by our price beat guarantee.