The Game Show

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The PIX podcast, hosted by Jill Lyons, welcomed Clyde P Riddlesbrood as its guest this week. Jill talks to Clyde about The Game Show, coming to The PIX as part of the Center for the Arts benefit performance. 

Clyde is a renowned storyteller, and he shared his journey of becoming an author and storyteller. He talked about how he was able to turn his passion for storytelling into a successful career. Clyde also discussed the importance of having a good story structure, and how it can help bring a story to life. 

Clyde discussed the various tools and techniques he uses to create powerful, captivating stories. He shared some of his tips and tricks for aspiring storytellers, and how to get started in the industry. He also discussed the importance of being authentic and staying true to one’s own storytelling style. Finally, Clyde shared his thoughts on the power of storytelling and how it can help people connect with each other. 

Story Notes:

  • Clyde P Riddlesbrood Represents the Game Show
  • Performing at the PIX on April 1st, 2023
  • Game Show Studio at the PIX
  • Brian Albert as the Emcee
  • What to Expect in the Show

Learn more at: https://www.centerfortheartslapeer.org/