The Honor Foundation Supports Special Operations Service Members As They Transition From Active Duty to New Careers

Michael G. Halterman, Vice President of Operations at The Honor Foundation, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

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Michael G. Halterman‘s mission is to help service members find fulfillment in a career after transitioning from active duty service. In this podcast, Michael helps listeners understand the transition from Special Operations service member to professional via The Honor Foundation’s (THF) program.

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A Desire to Serve Others

Michael G. Halterman grew up in a small town in California. From a young age, he wanted to do something big–and he wanted to serve others. After joining the Marine Corp and witnessing a special mission raid in Iraq, he was inspired to join Special Operations.

During Michael’s own transition after 20 years of active duty service he utilized THF. As an Alumni of the Program he was ready to go into what he thought was next for him, renewable energy. Michael was given the opportunity to join THF as a Director of Virtual Programs and decided  this was a better way to make an impact on humanity. 

A Challenging Transition

“Transition is the scariest thing that you are ever going to do,” Michael says. Leaving the service means leaving a known culture and language behind and re-entering civilian life, which can be overwhelming–especially from a career perspective.

Michael draws on his 11 years of experience in special operations and his own transition when working with partners and program participants at THF . “You are well-adapted with the idea of small, closely-knit teams, and now, after the transition, you have to think of becoming an engineer or manufacturer. This is not an easy job,” he says.

The Honor Foundation 

The Honor Foundation is a national 501c(3) nonprofit organization created to help Special Operations Forces veterans make the next move in their careers. THF was founded in 2014. 

THF offers a 3-month executive-style education process which features a life-transforming curriculum spread across three phases. “With our integrated curriculums, we help individuals be happy in the next job by providing them holistic guidance,” Michael says.

The Honor Foundation has grown to over 1,000 Alumni, and  Michael is confident the organization will continue to expand. THF will open it’s fifth campus in Fort Bragg, NC, launching August 2021. “It is going to serve the SOF Army community and make a huge difference,” Michael says.


The Honor Foundation (THF) is a career transition program for U.S. Special Operations Forces that effectively translates their elite military service to the private sector and helps create the next generation of corporate and community leaders. We provide a clear process for professional development and a diverse ecosystem of world class support and technology. Every step is dedicated to preparing these outstanding men and women to continue to realize their maximum potential during and after their service career.

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