The Impact of Behavior Change on Cardiovascular Health

Adam Torres and Harsh Vathsangam, PhD discuss cardiovascular health. 

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Show Notes:

Harsh and his team are on a mission to conquer heart disease through their digital prevention programs that serve over 1 million people annually. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Harsh Vathsangam, PhD, Founder & CEO at Moving Analytics, explore behavior change for improved cardiovascular health.  

About Harsh Vathsangam, PhD

Harsh Vathsangam is  the Co-Founder and CEO for Moving Analytics. His mission is to empower individuals to develop healthy habits and live lives free of cardiovascular disease. The first product – Movn is a comprehensive, clinically validated cardiac rehabilitation solution that is used by several leading health plans and services thousands of patients nationwide.

Harsh personal mission is to take technological solutions and apply them to benefit people’s lives. He received my PhD from the University of Southern California where I was a PhD Achievement Awardee and an Annenberg Fellow.

About Moving Analytics

Moving Analytics provides intuitive, turnkey, home-based post-acute care management solutions for cardiopulmonary disease that improves patient outcomes, reduces readmissions and empowers the effective and efficient delivery of quality care to patients based on 30+ years of research in remote disease management from Stanford University.