The Impact of Technology on Non-profit Organizations and its Future within the Sector

Adam Torres and Stu Manewith discuss data-integration for non-profits. 

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Show Notes:

Omatic Software is a data-integration software for non-profits that allows them a complete view of their donors, promoting data-driven decision making. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Stu Manewith, Director of Thought Leadership and Advocacy at Omatic Software, explore Omatic software and the non-profit technology landscape.  

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About Omatic Software

With over 80% of Nonprofit organizations leveraging 4+ cloud solutions today, the need for an integration solution uniquely tailored for Nonprofits  has never been greater.​ Omatic solutions are purpose-built using the direct feedback of our 3,000+ social good clients.  

Founded in 2002, Omatic works to transform the non-profit sector by democratizing data access and insight, setting data free for all social good organizations through the integration on nonprofit best-of-breed technology. We are uniquely placed to empower social good organizations with options and choices in their technology, transforming team time from data clean-up to data driven decisions and mission focus.