The Importance of Automation and AI in Marketing with Chris Hubble

Adam Torres and Chris Hubble discuss automation and AI as a vital component of marketing campaigns.

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Show Notes:

Automation and AI are changing the way businesses operate. As technology advances continue, it becomes more important for businesses to keep up to date with current trends. In this episode, Adam Torres and  Chris Hubble, Chief Executive Officer at Bastion db5, discuss the importance of automation and AI in marketing.

About Chris Hubble

Bastion db5 is a consumer insights and strategy consultancy specializing in qualitative and quantitative research, brand strategy, innovation and communications. We help global businesses and disruptive startups empathize with their targets so they grow.

We help businesses in North and South America, APAC, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East discover new paths to transform and grow. At our core, we believe the right data (big or otherwise) and insights are the key to transforming brands and businesses.

We provide strategic, foundational research offerings, that can be 100% customized to your needs.

Whether you need strategic consultancy or fast turn data and insights, we have a full toolbox of research methods with particular strength in discrete choice, product viability, pricing, copy testing, brand tracking, customer journey and segmentation.
In the past few years, we’ve conducted over 1M interviews in 48 countries, crunched more than 30M data points, and conducted thousands of focus groups, IDIs, shop-alongs, intercept interviews, and ethnographies.

All of our work is designed not just to answer a point-in-time question, but to serve as the basis for ongoing decision support and strategic direction. We strive to understand consumers holistically, through their eyes and in their words, and to show you what their world looks like, through an extensive toolkit of research techniques and approaches.

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