Deepak Mehta: The Importance of Digital Transformation

Adam Torres and Deepak Mehta discuss digital transformation.

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Deepak Mehta, Senior Vice President at FINCuro

Show Notes:

Digital transformation is the route many financial institutions have taken to stay competitive in the marketplace. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Deepak Mehta, Senior Vice President at FINCuro, explore how FINCuro is helping financial institutions achieve their digital transformation goals.

About Deepak Mehta  

An experienced Digital Transformation executive with the proven ability to create a competitive and consistent digital customer experience. Transforming customer journeys from disparate channels to an enjoyable omnichannel experience. Creating a strategy of customer-centered design and analytics-driven customer interactions. Leveraging a globally sourced model to accelerate digital transformation.

About FINCuro

In a world of growing complexities, FinCuro is a UST Global company. Provides banks with the solutions; technology and services which allow for easy establishment of new branches; businesses as well as addressing new technology needs of customers of the banks.

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