The Importance of Mindset on the Road to Success

Adam Torres and Kathryn Ficarra discuss mindset.

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Show Notes:

Having the right mindset is key to success. In this episode, Adam Torres interviewed Kathryn Ficarra, VP of Marketing and PR at SOLO Secure. Explore mindset and the upcoming book Kathryn is launching with Mission Matters.

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About Kathryn Ficarra

Kathryn is an Experienced Sales and Marketing with a demonstrated history of working on consumer brands. Strong marketing professional skilled in Sales, Management, Business Development, Digital Marketing, and Social Media.

About SOLO Secure

At SOLO Secure, they are reimagining your health and safety by creating a holistic platform that enhances your awareness and easily integrates into your day to day life.
Their mission is to keep you healthy and safe, 24/7, anywhere around the world. 

With the Go-SOLO App, you have a full range of highly effective safety features at your fingertips, including preventative insights that may help you avoid dangerous situations.  You’ll have Increased intelligence for emergency response as well as access to an international community to learn, support and grow from. With their biometric security products, you have a personalized layer of self defense.  Access to some of your most personal and sensitive assets will now be secured.