The Importance of Preventative Health & Wellness with Melanie Lin

Adam Torres and Melanie Lin discuss health and wellness.

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Show Notes:

Preventative health and wellness are an important part of a well rounded life. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Melanie Lin, Founder & CEO at Myridian, explore making health and wellness an accessible reality.

About Melanie Lin

She’s a passionate entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry and the current Founder and CEO of Myridian. Previously, she was the general manager for another venture overseas in China called Xenon Performance, where she operated within a multitude of functions: operations, marketing, strategy and supply chain management. Her international experience, combined with her passion to champion innovations in the preventative and holistic health sector, culminates into her goal of utilizing Myridian to ignite a positive impact on her community and society as a whole. 

About Myridian

Myridian fuses traditional medicine with modern technology to offer products that empower people to prioritize their physical and mental wellness and make time for self-care without interrupting their daily routine. Myridian produces holistic wellness devices that are non-invasive and side effect free. Their devices can be integrated in multiple settings to make daily health maintenance accessible, convenient, and customizable. 

Their current product line includes: 
-The AsanaSeat: an ergonomic spine alignment chair
-The VidaCushion: a versatile, portable cushion meant for on-the-go
-The BetterBrace: a body brace meant for targeted therapy

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