The Lost Science of Compound Interest with Author Curtis Ray

Adam Torres and Curtis Ray discuss Curtis’ book.  

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Show Notes:

Compound interest has been called a wonder of the world. But how many of us actually know how it works? Better yet, how many of us use it to our advantage? In this episode, Adam Torres and Curtis Ray, Owner at SunCor Financial and Author of The Lost Science of Compound Interest, explore Curtis’ book and how it can help investors achieve their goals.

About Curtis Ray 

I’m Curtis Ray, the owner and CEO of SunCor Financial, based in Gilbert, AZ. I am the inventor of the financial strategy MPI™ and Best Selling Author of the book “The Lost Science of Compound Interest!” and “Everyone Ends Up Poor”

After being introduced to the financial world in 2014, I began a journey to understand the advantages and pitfalls of the current systems available for retirement planning. These plans included the 401k, IRA, Index Funds, Whole Life, Real Estate, etc. While researching, I discovered, not only did they not produce good retirement income, they were never designed to in the first place.

Why do all the traditional and trusted systems produce such low retirement income? Because they are built to chase the Insecure Rate of Return rather than the Secure Rate of Compounding! They don’t follow the Science of Compounding.

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