The Mission Behind Good Life TV with Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson and Adam Torres discuss Good Life TV.

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Show Notes:

Dean Wilson President & CEO at The Turner Foundation and Host of Good Life TV

Good Life TV is on a mission to share stories that have the power to effect positive change in the world. In this episode,  Adam Torres and  Dean Wilson, President & CEO at The Turner Foundation and Host of Good Life TV, explore Good Life TV.

About Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson is a visionary. Like many before him, Dean sees the fulfillment, beforehand, of what others never see, or think of, or say ‘It can’t be done.’ He has also been given the gift of language that accompanies his passion for exploring uncharted ‘waters.’ This visionary speaks with vision-casting skills and the ability to inspire others to join the journey or to launch out to sail on their own voyages. A whole group of daring ones awaits such inspiration from a man such as Dean Wilson

About The Turner Foundation

The Turner Foundation – formerly the Rose Garden Village Foundation – was founded in 1958 in Riverside, California by Reverend Dr. Albert J. Turner. Although the organization was originally established to serve the needs of the elderly, the Turner Foundation has since then expanded its vision of service to include five key demographics: youth, families, seniors, those with special needs, and those in need of financial support. 

Turner Foundation Owns and Operates Two Low-Income Apartment Complexes

Today, the Turner Foundation owns and operates two low-income apartment complexes – The Village and The Lighthouse – that have been transformed into family-friendly communities and now shine as beacons of light within the Westside of Santa Barbara, California. The Turner Foundation takes pride in its unique model of operating out of onsite Community Learning Centers, from which a multitude of high-quality programs and services are offered. 

They firmly believe that the close, daily interactions of staff and residents allows for a genuine culture of community and fellowship that is hard to duplicate. At the Turner Foundation, their mission is to uplift the community by equipping individuals with the tools necessary to be positive contributors and leaders within the community. 

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