The New Normal in Digital Brand Marketing with Joanne Tan

Adam Torres and Joanne Tan discuss digital brand marketing.

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Show Notes:

Digital brand marketing is changing at a rapid rate. It’s important for business owners to stay up to date on new trends. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Joanne Tan, CEO at 10+ Visual Branding, discuss the new norms in digital brand marketing.

About Joanne Tan

As the founder and CEO of 10 Plus Brand (a/k/a 10+ Visual Branding,) I develop, refresh and manage business brands for small, mid sized, and large companies, technology startups, professionals and nonprofits as a brand strategist, creative director and business consultant. I am also an outsourced chief marketing officer for growth companies, and a PR consultant for mid sized organizations. We help your brand inform, inspire, and empower.

I lead 3 teams of highly skilled and talented writers & editors, website designers, developers & graphic designers, and a video production crew. We turn a website into a power brand that generates prospects, clients, profits, and long term loyalty by both customers and employees. I am the producer & director of videos, ads, commercials. We are a full service, multi media, one-stop-shop branding agency. We excel at brand strategies, foundational brand-messaging narratives and videos.

About 10+ Visual Branding

We celebrate the best in a brand, substantively and artistically, to inform, inspire, and empower. We shorten the sales cycle by digitally combining branding and marketing into one. 

We create brand strategies, comprehensive marketing plans, do research on brand positioning, create verbal  and visual content, videos, websites, branding blogs, SEO, and social media brand-marketing, PPC, in order to connect to target audience and differentiate brands from their competitors.

We tell brand stories that illustrate core values, vision, mission, goals, business plans,… to create authentically powerful brands inside out, consistent internally in a business culture, and externally with clients.

We turn a website into a power brand that generates prospects, clients and profits, long term customer loyalty. We have 3 teams for content writing, video production, and website design and development.

We are a one-stop shop, full service, multi media brand-marketing agency. We hone business brands, manage them, and create brand recognition for companies. We refresh or rebrand established companies ready to grow to the next level.  We are their PR and marketing consultant, or an outsourced CMO. 

We are brand consultants and marketing advisors for large corporations and enterprises, “outside their forest”​. We brainstorm with CEOs to hone their brands inside-out and to map out a brand’s DNA.

We mentor startups in establishing brand-recognition early on. We grow and protect their brands to develop into power brands. We serve small and mid-sized companies, professional organizations, funded technology startups, family offices, government and non-profit entities, professionals and high net worth individuals. 

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