The Payment Landscape for Businesses with Greg Wilfahrt

Adam Torres and Greg Wilfahrt discuss the payment landscape.

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Show Notes:

The payment landscape is constantly evolving. Advancement in technology combined with increased demand from the marketplace make it an exciting time. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Greg Wilfahrt, Chief Mobility and Marketing Officer at AP Technology, explore the payment landscape and what business owners need to know.

About Greg Wilfahrt 

Greg Wilfahrt has served in executive capacities at publicly traded and privately held companies. Greg is frequently interviewed by major news and entertainment outlets internationally on issues related to marketing, mobile payments, FinTech, digital entertainment, and online content distribution. For years, Greg Wilfahrt was a member of the CTIA WIC Leadership Council (wireless telecommunications industry).

Prior to serving AP Technology as that company’s Chief Mobility and Marketing Officer, Greg Wilfahrt founded ProsperPro Consulting, working primarily with companies in the wireless and technology sectors. Before that, Wilfahrt was Chief Strategy Officer at MakeItPro, a mobile sports community, and at JYGY, a mobile messaging platform. He brokered MakeItPro’s acquisition of JYGY in 2009. Greg Wilfahrt co-founded SMS.ac, a wireless communications company that became the largest community of mobile phone users in the world, with more than 50 million users. This company accomplished payment integration with mobile carriers’ billing systems in 187 countries. Wilfahrt was VP at MP3.com, a publicly traded music services provider and he served at Ubrandit.com, a publicly traded ecommerce music store. Earlier, Greg founded WWC, an award-winning advertising, public relations and marketing agency.

Greg Wilfahrt has addressed members of Congress on several occasions regarding payments regulations and the distribution and purchasing of digital content. He was an early proponent on Capitol Hill for a mobile-based early warning system to be used for homeland security and emergency situations. Greg Wilfahrt currently is a board member at MyWurld, and at The TalkList, a mobile, peer-learning language system. Greg also serves as an advisory board member for the annual Mobile Payments Conference, held in Chicago. Greg is a frequent speaker at technology, mobile, payment, and consumer commerce conferences.

About AP Technology

AP Technology is a Carlsbad, California-based company that processes $30 billion in payments annually for more than 6,000 business customers that include financial institutions, government organizations, universities, and businesses of all sizes. After nearly 30 years, AP Technology continues to pioneer the payments industry with innovative software products providing next-generation security, efficiency, speed, mobility, and data management.

In addition to product favorites APSecure and SecurePay, AP Technology is creator of the cloud-based, business payments platform accessible on mobile devices, called APeChecks. APeChecks enables businesses to save as much as 80 percent on their payment costs. Approve, sign, send, and manage payments… anytime and anywhere… right from your mobile phone!Visit www.apechecks.com for more information. 

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