The Physical, Mental, and Business Impact of COVID with Sharon O’Donnell

Adam Torres and Sharon O’Donnell discuss healthy habits. 

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Show Notes:

Physical and mental health have become a central focus for many since the pandemic began. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Sharon O’Donnell, Founder of Fit For Good, explore how Fit For Good is helping many reach their fitness goals.

About Sharon O’Donnell

Sharon started Fit For Good in 2017 to push against this troubling trend with a mission to create healthier lives for this generation and the next. Fit For Good is a digital fitness and nutrition platform providing individualized programs that drive charitable donations to school programs focused on health and nutrition education.

A new startup, and her job is to help their clients adopt healthy lifestyles one small step and one tiny bite at a time. She offers several program plans that meet the needs of their varied clients. She has recently developed a turnkey, low-cost corporate wellness program designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses who are looking to support their employees with a solution that focuses on fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness.

Her career and personal pursuits leading up to her leap into entrepreneurship prepared her for the chapter she is writing now. She spent over 20 years digging into the hearts and minds of consumers and worked to create brand stories and customer experiences to over-deliver against their needs. 

She lived in the marketing strategy world across several industries driving communications across the marketing funnel, optimizing efforts using advanced analytics, and innovating new products and services to continuously evolve. And to manage all that stress, they stayed active through all sorts of multi-sport activities, but most days you’ll find her out for a run, lost in thought.

About Fit For Good

Fit For Good believes a healthy lifestyle can change more than just one person. Their mission is to help clients develop wellness habits through personalized fitness and nutrition coaching, while also working together to fight the obesity epidemic that plagues our nation. 

With every healthy choice clients make, Fit For Good gives back to communities in need of physical and nutrition education. Their clients are making positive changes for themselves and others – a healthier you, a healthier community.

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