The Power of Facing Your Fear: Embracing Risk with Jay Tam

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In this episode, Victor and Jamie discuss what it really means to be a coach. They discuss the ups and downs of the journey and the importance of embracing risk and taking baby steps. They talk about how to use failure as a learning experience and focus on the successes that come out of them. They also discuss how to become laser focused and obsessed with the goal and how to develop a good pitch and gain confidence in cold calling.

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Story Notes:

  •  What It Really Means to Be a Coach
  • The Importance of Embracing Risk and Becoming Obsessed and Laser-Focused on One’s Dream 
  • Victor’s Cold-Calling Experience to Find Potential Clients, and How He Learned to Read People and Hone His Pitch
  •  How Rewarding Oneself With Progress and Learning From One’s Failures Is Key to Success

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