The Power of Journaling your Personal Journey with Mingjie Zhai

Adam Torres and Mingjie Zhai discuss Journal-Artism.

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Show Notes:

Journal-Artism is a new approach to journaling that is helping many. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Mingjie Zhai, CEO & Founder of The Love Story Media, Inc., explore Journal-Artism and the community behind The Love Story Media. 

About The Love Story Media Inc.

The Love Story is a new media non-profit organization. Through courage, connection, and contribution. They stand to help individuals transform their pain into passion, self-destructive behaviors into self-expressive ones, and love loss into a love story. Their mission is to take away the stigma of depression and lower suicidal thoughts for the bereaved and brokenhearted. They believe that the key to overcoming pain is to first embrace it, and to let it fuel creativity and passion.

By focusing on three areas of social impact, they journal, educate, and inspire people as they embark on a journey of self-awareness, acceptance, and divine pursuit of meaning by taking on the Call to Adventure, discovering the purpose behind the pain.

1. As an artist collective, they produce educational programs and workshops to guide individuals in transforming their pain into passion and then into purpose through creative journaling practices.
2. As a publisher, they publish interactive notebooks containing the journal entries of their Journal-Artists who have turned their personal pain into stories of fiction, based on a true story, designed to reveal duality, so the power of choice may hopefully choose true passion. 
3. As a production company, they produce intimate and interactive artist showcases that bring journal-artist & artists together through live performance-inspired journaling & spoken word-open mic nights. It all starts with pain. Like fire, it can destroy villages or illuminate entire cities. 

Discover the duality of desire, design, and destiny so the power of choice is revealed for your choosing. The Love Story inspires you to choose the path of Love defined in 1 Corinthians 13, in hopes that in the critical scenes of your life story, you may choose the path of your true desire, design, and destiny.

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