The Power Of Your Identity with Rich Waterman

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Your identity will determine where you end up 100% of the time. If you are not where you want to be (over time), there is a really good chance (maybe even a certainty) that your identity is not where it needs to be. Gaining alignment between your goals, your identity, and your personal blueprint will lead to success and a long-term fulfillment. Coach Rich Waterman joins us for this insightful conversation.

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Rich Waterman was a former European Head of Derivatives Structuring for JP Morgan Chase. He is an NLP Trainer and a Senior Trainer for Robbins Research International. 

Rich is now dedicating his time to a movement called “Be The Difference Today”. It focuses on successful individuals and business teams being the difference through contribution and service. He works with business leaders and their businesses to transform culture, profits, and ultimately the quality of life. He will help you create a deeply rich experience of life and find ways to express yourself in this space; through coaching, speaking, and mentoring. 

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