The Practical Advice to Set-up a Successful Chatbot that Your Customers Actually Appreciate

 Adam Torres and Eliav Cohen discuss chatbots. 

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Show Notes: 

There’s endless examples of chatbots failing miserably. ChatBots have been adopted by so many companies because they cut costs, but oftentimes these interactions don’t solve the customer’s problem or eventually get passed to a human, which can create a negative image of the company, with a significant number of users not returning as a result. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Eliav Cohen, Founder of The Bot Lab, explore what executives need to know when it comes to deploying chatbots successfully.

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About The Bot Lab

They built an API that allows brands to chat in the dark funnel – Helium by the Bot Lab.

They  are chatbot builders and expert conversationalists, crafting chatbots that 3X engagement & accelerate revenue. Working across multiple chatbot platforms, we believe that every conversation can be a conversion. 

Why did we build The Bot Lab? They believe chatbots are the future of not only marketing but the user experience. After experiencing one too many generic chatbots and seeing companies struggle to build an effective bot, Bot Lab decided it was time someone gave them the attention they deserve.