The Rippling Effects of Social Impact Entrepreneurs with Stephanie Courtillier

Adam Torres and Stephanie Courtillier discuss the benefits of being a social entrepreneur.

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Show Notes:

Building a business with values that align to social impact causes is no longer a fad. More founders are choosing to model these causes into the fabric of their ventures. In this episode, Adam Torres and Stephanie Courtillier, Founder of Integrous Women, explore social entrepreneurship and the social impact derived from the journey of those who choose this path.

About Stephanie Courtillier

I am an altruistic entrepreneur with a genuine heart who’s on a mission to empower women to leave a legacy with integrity. With a deep passion for helping people create impactful lives and a purpose-driven giving, I’ve combined my callings to launch Integrous Women. This social enterprise serves a community of entrepreneurial women who are guided on a journey through personal development, business ownership, and impact giving. As our impact model, we are collaborating with local organizations to provide a mental health program to our partner orphanage in Guatemala, with a goal of providing hope and healing for their children.

About Integrous Women

We empower women entrepreneurs to leave a legacy with integrity through personal development, creating and scaling a business with a mission, and giving forward.

Our Philosophy:

We believe every woman should feel connected to her purpose, empowered to create her legacy and have the resources and community support she needs to make her dreams a reality. In coming together to live with purpose, we will create sustained impact for underserved communities through increased socially conscious leaders. 

Our Values:

1. Authentic Connection: Creating trustworthy, compassionate and heart-felt relationships with one another.

2. Win-Win Collaboration: Coming together to accomplish a shared goal with respect, mutual support, and follow through.

3. Growth-minded Community: Shared connection through an open mindset, always learning attitude, and vision of impact.

Our Vision:

Create communities of integrous leaders world-wide, who use their socially conscious organizations to positively impact underserved communities and non-profits in a sustainable way, while breaking the cycle of gender inequality, poverty and trauma for women.

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