The Secret to Leveraging Other People’s Platforms with Forbes Riley

Adam Torres and Forbes Riley discuss leveraging platforms.

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Show Notes:

Leveraging existing platforms to give your brand a boost is a great strategy. But how many of us know how to do this effectively? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Forbes Riley, Celebrity TV Host and Motivational Speaker, explore the intricacies of leveraging other people’s platforms creating win-win scenarios for success. 

About Forbes Riley 

Award-Winning TV host, Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, One of the World’s Leading Health & Wellness experts (National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee). Forbes was voted the “Top 20 Most inspiring People on Television” through her roles as a sought-after spokesperson, broadcast journalist and Success/Results Coach to celebrities, sales teams & CEOs. As a motivational keynote speaker – she’s affectionately called “The Female Tony Robbins.” Forbes Riley has created a trusted brand name for herself. Touring the globe from Colleges and Sales Meetings to Boardrooms and Global Skypes, she is a dynamic Motivational Speaker and role model for the Success of Women in Business.

My career includes countless tv shows/movies. Visit imdb.com to see a plethora of acting & hosting credits on Broadway, TV series, movies and along the way I discovered my true gift of communication – live events, comedy at Laugh Factory , infomercials (179 to date w/ dozen best TV Presenter awards), & live home shopping (QVC & HSN). Launching Forbes Factor Live and The Billionaire Business Academy with a goal to inspire others to their greatness. A trusted brand that extends beyond SpinGym, Forbes Flawless, my books & courses – EVERYTHING we do at Forbes Riley Media is designed to enroll YOU into YOUR life, 10x YOUR business and level-up YOUR health – getting you to live & feel better about yourself. It’s our daily mission.

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