The Solution to Resolutions (Intro) – Remember the Cable – Nelson Witmer

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When you think of the new year, what’s one thing that comes to mind? I bet you would likely say New Year’s Resolutions. The old adage, “New Year, New You,” is indicative of starting fresh for a whole new calendar year.

And yet, researchers have consistently shown that nearly 80% of all resolutions die a quiet death sometime around the second week of February. And no one shares a selfie failing at a January promise.

Why such a repetitively high number of failures? And what in the world do the other 20% of the population know that the rest don’t?

That’s what we’ll be addressing in the series “The SOLUTION to Resolutions: Creating A Lifestyle of Growing UP”.

This episode, entitled “Remember the Cable,” sets the tone before the 4-part series begins because it highlights the backbone of continued success in personal growth.

Listen as Nelson shares his story of scuba diving with his son (first shared in the August 2, 2022 episode, which you can listen to here:
https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/a-5-year-plan-with-nelson-witmer/id1628610694?i=1000574759261 )


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