The Transition to a New Economic Paradigm with Jeremy Epstein

Adam Torres and Jeremy Epstein discuss the new economic paradigm.

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Show Notes:

Digital currencies have changed the way many look at money and the exchange of value for goods. As digital currencies gain wider acceptance our views will continue to evolve. In this episode, Adam Torres and Jeremy Epstein, Co-Chief Investment Officer at Crypto Futura Fund, explore what the new economic paradigm looks like.

About Jeremy Epstein

Lives in the suburbs of Washington, DC with my wife and children. Through rigorous self-discovery, I’ve learned that my strengths create some imbalances. Currently, I’m committed to the challenge of cultivating more gratitude, compassion, and humility.

Ultimately, I seek to provide inspiration and hope to others, so they can achieve their goals.
I enjoy traveling and spend significant time and energy understanding and experimenting with high-performance states of mind. I have lived in Germany, Israel, and Japan and speak 3 languages.

Whether attending Shabbat services, meditating, or caring for the deceased, I am look to to optimize my mind for unique insights in service of something greater than myself. A disciplined approach is a necessary foundation in developing a unique and pragmatic perspective.

I explore emerging technologies before they are mainstream (e.g. Internet, social media, crypto). I travel to innovative global locations. (e.g. Estonia, Seoul, Crypto Valley). I have some understanding of what makes large organizations successful thanks to 6 years at Microsoft.

I am grateful for some understanding of high-growth marketing owing to my time as VP/Marketing at Sprinklr as we grew from a $20mm Series A valuation to a $1.8 billion “unicorn” level over 4 years.

I have had the opportunity to work with top minds in blockchain, crypto-economics, smart contracts, and decentralization as an advisor to Open Bazaar, Zcash, DAOstack, SingularityNet, & Dapper Labs. I fortunately experienced 24 hours on the USS Carl Vinson, a US Navy aircraft carrier, a briefing with senior officials at the Pentagon, and 2 Tough Mudders. I have keynote F50 executive level events on topics including social media, blockchain and AI.

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