The Uber of On-Demand Laundry Service

In this episode of The Entrepreneur Next Door, Zev Asch speaks with Itay Forer, co-founder and COO at Cleanly/ByNext the On-Demand Laundry & Dry Cleaning service. Itay shares his journey which was ignited after an argument with his girlfriend about who is going to do the laundry. Itay’s story is about a disrupting service in the highly competitive and demanding market of New York City. From a college student to multimillion funding and national success, Itay takes us back to his military service as an Israeli commander and how it impacted his view and pursuit of his goals.

Story Notes:

  • Lessons learned in a small tent as a soldier
  • From an argument to going all-in on laundry
  • About growing a business one client at a time – why speaking to customers is always the secret ingredient to success
  • Bootstrapping and wearing many hats
  • It’s all in the fine details – the many steps of delivering excellence
  • You can’t scale up without funding
  • “If you could change one thing about the journey, what would it be?”
  • Was it luck or hard work? 

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