The Value of Slow Travel in a Busy World with Creed Hyatt

Creed Hyatt & Adam Torres Discuss Travel

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Show Notes:

Creed Hyatt President at The Educated Wanderer

The dynamics of travel may have changed due to the pandemic, but there are still many options for experiential learning. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Creed Hyatt, President at The Educated Wanderer, explore the benefits of “slow travel” and how his company is providing curated travel experiences.  

About Educated Wanderer

At Educated Wanderer, They think that learning should be purposeful, fun, and broad. To that end, they recommend a combination of reading and travel. With their guidance on both elements the underlying and critically important outcome of travel – learning – is something that everyone can enjoy and achieve.  You will notice as you compare their trips to those designed by other companies that they move around less.  If you’ve ever been on a 9 or 10-day trip and visited five different cities you will likely understand this: it’s hard to remember each city, which church or historic site or famous piece of art went in which location.

Creed Hyatt Travel Experience

As travelers and educators, they understand that “less is more” applies to the travel experience as well.  To experience Rome, to gain insight into the complexity of the onetime center of the Western world, to immerse oneself in the culture requires more than a day or two to run by the Colosseum and the Vatican to snap a few photos. 
Knowing something of the history, of the art and architecture and the culture before-hand and then spending time in the experience of such abstract learning – combining ‘classroom’​ learning and experiential learning – is the only way in which to gain understanding. This is what they do. To achieve this most effectively they limit their trips to 15 or 20 people depending upon the destination and duration of the travel experience.  All of their trips are personally led by the owner

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