The XP3 Talent System & XP3 Leadership Academy with Mike Matalone

Adam Torres and Mike Matalone discuss XP3 Talent.

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Show Notes:

The XP3 Talent System is an end-to-end integrated approach for hiring, training, and retaining the top talent that is required for companies to achieve their growth objectives. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Mike Matalone, Founder and Chief Talent Officer at XP3 Talent, explore Mike’s vision for XP3 Talent and the XP3 Leadership Academy.      

About XP3 Talent

The XP3 Talent System provided us a step-by-step, holistic process for building an ‘A-Team,’ filled with exceptional talent: From how to utilize behavioral profiles and evaluate motivators, to a complete onboarding plan that ensures your new team member is ‘wowed’ by how much you care about their success

XP3 Talent provides everything you need to HIRE, TRAIN AND RETAIN™ the talent necessary for you to achieve your business objectives. Since 2007, They have been leveraging cutting edge research and proven talent strategies to help our clients grow their organizations by growing their people. The work and proprietary process and systems focus on helping organizations to literally cut years off your company’s evolution. A framework for growth is installed in months instead of over many years. Your team is trained to work together with a shared language, tools and vision to accomplish your growth objectives now.