Tim Raglin On Bridging the Gap in Skill Trade

Tim Raglin, Founding Partner & COO, Skillwork, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres. 

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When we talk about the most dynamic and sought-after industries that are making great revenues in the market space, we tend to forget about the most vital industries on which all others are based: the skilled trades. In this insightful interview, Mr. Tim Raglin, Founding Partner & COO at Skillwork, highlights how he and his dedicated team strive to bridge the gap in the trade and bring better opportunities for skilled labor. 

Tim comes from a military background, having served as a Naval Officer. He credits this experience with teaching him the required skills for running a business. 

Skillwork has identified a prevalent need gap in the skilled trades that impacted people like electricians, plumbers, and mechanics.  

To create better job opportunities for skilled labor and effectively connect these trained people with prospective companies, Skillwork offers a promising future to individuals. Placing supreme emphasis on their culture, Skillwork lays laser-like focus on three core values:

  • Honor God
  • Respect and Value Skilled Tradesmen
  • Impact those around us

Tim shares how their entire team resonates with the common intention of changing the perception towards these craft jobs. Skillwork aspires to transform the confined ways the skilled trade is looked at and spares no effort to improve it.

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The Trump Card

Skillwork focuses entirely on their culture, and zeroes in on recruiting efficient people who potentially add value at their workplaces. Their best-fit individuals are skilled craftsmen and women with world-class personalities, integrity, and skills. Ditching the traditional practice of mindlessly pushing individuals into the job pipelines, Skillwork gauges the factors that drive these skilled tradesmen along with their zeal to work. 

Addressing the problems of industries like stagnant growth and employee burnout, Skillwork provides reliable solutions by helping firms onboard skilled labor for better results. Tim shares how they constructively filter and select only the right fits for organizations seeking electricians, technicians, manufacturing team members, construction workers, welders, and mechanics. 

Key Offerings

Skillwork aims to offer the best support to skilled tradesmen to gain their trust and help them transform their lives. Their key aspects include:

  • Providing basic respect and dignity to all the tradesmen onboard while valuing them immensely for their work and expertise
  • Providing them opportunities to transition and relocate to different places with better living and working conditions
  • Connecting them with the industries according to the desired role and preference of work

Tim shares how the company pivots all its operations and expansion strategies on its culture and aspires to revolutionize the skilled labor trade dynamics.

What’s Next

While discussing further plans, Tim shared their idea of preparing for the 4th Industrial Revolution where technology meets all industrial advancements to build a highly connected, highly distributed, just-in-time, artificially intelligent ecosystem in the skilled trade sector. They are looking forward to collaborating with colleges and schools to explore their possible associations in providing the right opportunities to meet this emerging demand.


Skillwork is a travel staffing company for Skilled Labor. Based out of Nebraska, Skillwork aims to connect skilled labor to their right-fit opportunities. Being highly connected in the market space, Skillwork understands the current situations of the industries and strives to provide apt solutions for the same. The company has a track record for successfully placing multiple people in varying roles and getting positive feedback from both parties. 

To learn more about the organization, visit Skillwork here and start exploring your opportunities!