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Tips on Running a Freelancing Business with Bob London

Adam Torres and Bob London discuss some of the basics every freelancer must know when running their business

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Show Notes:

Learning how to run a freelancing business is no easy task. Most people learn from mistakes, the hard way. In this episode, Adam Torres and Bob London, Owner of Bob London Photography, review some of the basics that any freelancer or aspiring business owner should know. 

About Bob London

I would say that one of my strongest influences has been the photography and writing of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Like him, I do not wish to be constrained by preconception, but approach each project with an intuitive sense of form and visual story.

There is always more to a form, be it a building or a model on a running track, than what is on the surface. I wish to be true to the assignment and yet I always strive to take advantage of visual stories which appear, those decisive moments which can be lost if one is not open and looking. I have worked for most of the major Pharmaceutical companies. Also major companies including Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger, Footlocker, Business Week, Accenture, Cosmopolitan, Mode, ComputerWorld, RCA and Polygram records.

About Bob London Photography

Commercial and Wedding Photography for a broad base of clients, from Cosmopolitan Magazine to Sugar Bun Bakery in Queens. Working in both Portraiture and tabletop helps to keep my ideas fresh and enables me to approach each project without preconception. In the age of digital connection I like to work with my clients from the beginning of the idea through the retouching and design of electronic media or printing.

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