Tony Zorc shares his insights on the post-pandemic world in his book Iconoclasm

Tony Zorc, CEO, Accounting Seed Inc., was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres. 

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In this insightful interview, Tony Zorc, CEO at Accounting Seed Inc., shares his professional journey from athlete to accountant to entrepreneur. In line with his recently launched book “Iconoclasm – A Survival Guide in the Post Pandemic Economy,” Tony highlights the importance of being an iconoclast at work and places great value in critical thinking. 

Starting as a national-level gymnast, Tony has always been drawn towards the creative side of innovation. While hunting for new moves in athletics, he realized the importance of cognitive abilities and the power of harnessing them. After several years as an accountant, he discovered his real passion in software and entrepreneurship.

This gradually led to the formation of Accounting Seed Inc., an innovative amalgamation of his experience, interest, and calling. In his recently launched book, Tony also shares the valuable insights for self-help and awareness that he has gained from his experiences over all these years.

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The Catchphrase

Zorc’s book’s most significant highlights are his three-step catchphrase that finds its relevance in multiple spheres of life and work. Elaborating on the nuts and bolts of this technique, Tony explains that being an iconoclast requires you to consider these three steps in achieving better results:

  1. Challenge the Existing 

Tony believes that challenging an already established method will pave the way for a new idea to transform the current dynamics of your environment.

  1. Design Better

With a proven methodology in hand, Tony has shown how designing old processes in a better way can lead to increased efficiency.

  1. Execute the Plan

Execution decides where your plan will take shape or remain as is. Tony is a firm believer in effective execution and urges everyone to take concrete actions to reach their goals. 

Book Review:

The New Normal

Viewing the current situation of the global pandemic and how it has affected all areas of our life, Tony states, “Do not fear change, as change equals opportunity!” He shares the three aspects associated with growth at such times; relationships, use of technologies, and social norms. Tony attributes mindset to be the deciding factor at times of challenges and urges everyone to grapple mentally with the changes we’re all facing.


Tony Zorc is the Chief Executive Officer of Accounting Seed with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in technology, negotiation, and professional services, he is a strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) focused in Accounting from Hope College. 

Accounting Seed is an innovative, robust financial software solution that transforms the way you do accounting. It’s flexible, collaborative, connected, and trusted.

To learn more about the organization, visit Accounting Seed here and start exploring your opportunities. To get your hands on Tony’s recently launched book, order your copy here.