Transformational Leadership with Terence Jackson, PHD

Adam Torres and Terence Jackson, PHD discuss business transformation.

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Show Notes:

  • Leadership
  • Transformation 20
  • Changing business models

What should leaders be doing in today’s marketplace? Transforming business models takes work and a strategy. You must think like you haven’t in the past. Igniting imagination. In this episode, Adam Torres and Terence Jackson, PHD, Founder & CEO JCG Consulting Group LLC, explore what changes in the business landscape.

About Jackson Consulting Group

Jackson Consulting Group Coaches leaders and organizations to consistently challenge their Performance Paradigms.

We also do the following:

Exploration and Organizational Learning

• Help leaders of organizations examine and understand themselves and their organizations more thoroughly through surveys, team development, interviews, assessments, and other interventions

• Teach organizations to learn from their experiences (successes and failures), as well as the experiences of others

• Identify and train members of the organization to perform every facet of the consultative role so that the organization becomes increasingly more productive and self-sustaining.

Challenge Organizational Paradigms and Sharing

• Help organizations create an environment suitable for exploration and mutual sharing through open and honest disclosure and managed feedback

• Challenge the organizations to examine their decisions, as well as, the fundamental basis for those decisions, in an effort to understand the culture that supports the organization’s behaviors and decision processes

• Foster cultural intelligence through celebrated diversity, inspired engagement and rewarded accountability

• Lead organizations in a strategic planning process that clarifies their business direction and develops actions needed to achieve that direction

Production and Sustainability

• Help organizations identify process inefficiencies, redundancies, process gaps, and structural frameworks that negatively affect productivity and business performance

Evaluate and Act

• Establish measures and methodologies for determining goals, status against those goals, and corrective action required

• Assist organizations in uncovering, evaluating, refining, and fulfilling their mission, vision, and values 

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